Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Fatscript Episode 10, Joel 2 and the New Testament Connection

In today's episode, we arrive at last in Joel 2 at the key points in Joel's description of "the day of Yahweh" that in light of the earliest Christians' experience, pushed all their buttons.

With respect to my own hypothesis of the Triune Hub, Joel draws into light the third key mutation of the nature of the arrival of the Kingdom of God in first century Christianity, as developed by John Dominic Crossan (

Apologies for some of the truncation in the audio today in the second half. This was due to me holding the mic too far from my mouth and general incompetence.

A few other links:
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2. From Peter in Acts 2 on "all men", to his bizarre revelation in Acts 11 about "clean" foods, to Paul's fullest understanding of the gospel in Galatians 2:

3. Download my sample chapter for free at

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