Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Fatscript Episode 11, Joel 3, roundup and an announcement

Today we wrap up our short series on the Old Testament prophetic book of Job. A few key gleanings to take away with us:

  1. Joel was important in shaping Jewish-Christian theology, particularly with respect to the Holy Spirit's wide outpouring. How wide was perhaps the greatest task for early Christianity.
  2. As with other OT prophetic books of same genre, the day of Yahweh cannot mean a 24 hour period. Generations are concerned; major restoration and condemnation that…..
  3. Involves both natural and supernatural realms
  4. A stage of deportation seems already realised with some "Elders" left to oversee the precious land, although there is some movement through divine "timescape"
  5. Literal locust infestation seems unlikely, but remains possible.
  6. Not a full prophetic picture. Restoration where other nations are reclaimed. Link perhaps also with Peter's initial limitations.

Heiser's excellent Divine Council overview:

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