Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Other religions "afraid" of the Trinity?

Anthony Buzzard is a biblical unitarian I keep at arm's length. Like many trinitarians, I find he tends to pre-suppose his own conclusions in a way which leaves me feeling dissatisfied with the journey he takes - back to the start! It can also lead to some quite unverified statements, like in his video "Jesus is still a Jew!" (2:25) where he talks about one leading world religion being "so afraid of the Trinity". Afraid?

According to Buzzard, this faith is "so afraid" of the [illogical, unreasonable, scary, ...] Trinity, that it is therefore impossible for them to get their heads around the possibility of God having a son. Without the Trinity dogma, this world religion would presumably accept God having a son, no problem at all.

That strikes me as a very big assumption indeed. I wonder if he ever bothered to ask any of his friends who believe that faith? I wonder if he is able to explain why that faith does not simply revert to pure Jewish monotheism?

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