Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Movie review: A Matter Of Faith [2014].

I knew from previous reviews that the film might not be amazing, but for me the issues involved are interesting so I decided to brave it out and see (much to the chagrin of my wife). It really is every bit as bad as people have said, not just in wooden actors (the best actor for me actually doesn't have any major role), but also clumsy plot development. But that's just the beginning I'm afraid. This film attempts to villainise the biology lecturer character, giving him some really underhand and evil intentions. This is implied to be necessarily attached to the theory of evolution - that it is an evil plot to undermine the truth. This is then placed in sharp contrast with the humility of the student's father, who accepts the challenge for what culminates in a total anticlimax (and farce) of a debate with the aforementioned biology lecturer. There were a couple of good points from both sides in this debate, but anyone interested in a Christian vs atheist science debate can do soooooo much better on youtube or Unbelievable podcast for a real informative exchange on the issues.

I'm a Christian. I believe God made the whole universe. I do not believe the Bible is a science textbook, it's so much better than that. There are so many examples of powerful symbolism, hyperbole and anthropomorphism that reveal deeper truth in a way a stupid shallow film like this never could! (The student's father even gets his knickers in a twist at the mention of the word "story").

I would never EVER show this to a non-Christian.

Here's the trailer if for some reason you are still interested!

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