Monday, 23 February 2015

Good from evil, it's tricky!

Evil. It is a big problem on every level, theology and philosophy included. In conversation recently with friends I was thinking out loud a bit too much, as I articulated that, since my (maternal) grandparents met through the war, in one sense, me, my children, my siblings, my mother and her siblings and her siblings children, and her siblings' children's children, owe our lives to Hitler's campaign!

At the present time it is doubtless unlikely that more people "owe" their lives to Adolf Hitler's evil campaign than those who lost their lives. But since one number is static and the other growing, it is startling to think that one day - it is almost a statistical certainty - more lives (God-planned, God-intended) than deaths can be traced to that pivotal period. 

This is not "love wins", this is just one of the crazy paradoxes of evil in our world. 

It is the problem of evil.

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