Friday, 10 August 2018

Two key ingredients to authentic living

Do you struggle, like me, against feelings of inauthenticity? Do you "shadow-box"? Then I think I have some good news for us. We're ok. We're normal.

What to do about that struggle?

1. "Feed" off those around you that seem to you more authentic. This isn't a comparison. It's a feeding of the soul. Being the social creatures as we are there is absolutely nothing selfish about this. Without us realising it, hundreds of people have "fed" off us to varying degrees in trying to understand their own perpetual quest of learning how to be in this world.

2. Recognise our social benefit of any given decision we have to make and feel free to do it anyway. It is utterly normal to negotiate our social position. If we bring out potential gains into our conscious view and maintain our course then we act and slowly even begin to live conscientiously.

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