Sunday, 20 March 2016

Messy: Louez Adonai

Worship is so often messy, and evangelicalism shares some of its strengths and weaknesses cross-culturally.
I was making an effort this morning in singing this morning heartily qui est semblable, à lion à l'agneau... (Who can compare to the lion and the lamb...)
It's so hard for me because I know full well that the songwriters are not trying to write theological treatises; they humbly want to express ultimate glory to one who is supremely above all and loving. It's a great experience, I can really recommend it. The problem is that the antimodalist in me rarely shuts up for long....
L'agneau sur le trône....Louez ADONAI.
(The lamb upon the throne.... Worship Adonai)

Almighty God, Yahweh, is "Adonai".

The key reference text here I think is quite clearly Psalm 110, to which the New Testament authors refer frequently. Remember that they are most familiar with the LXX (Greek translation of the Old Testament), so they would have read the following:

Eipen Kyrios tō Kyriō mou

Nowhere in the LXX is the God of Israel referred to as "Kyriō mou", or "Adoni", as per Psalm 110 in Hebrew. So, once again, and to my dismay, I am distracted from my worship because of extremely well-intentioned but modalist tendencies in the Evangelical tradition.

I wonder what can be done?

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