Sunday, 4 January 2015

Ehrman on Mary

Ehrman does a wonderful and, for me, helpful summary here on Mary, which is a topic I now realise we have really misunderstood in the Protestant tradition (see also its bearings on the creeds in an earlier blog post I wrote).
Please note I do not really agree with his analysis of Mark implicitly arguing against the virgin birth: I have read this post also and the argument seems far from sound.
His summary of the summary (click link for his more detailed post):
am now ready to end this thread of posts dealing with the stories of Jesus’ virgin birth – told differently in Matthew and Luke, not at all in John, and seemingly argued against in the Gospel of Mark. Earlier I should have given some terminology so that we could all be on the sam page.There are different terms that are often confused: Immaculate Conception. This doctrine is *not* about Jesus’ mother conceiving as a virgin; it is about Mary’s *own* mother and how she conceived Mary.

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